The Era of Digital marketing

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The era of marketing for many decades was stagnant to three mediums – print, radio and television. Marketing was a one way communication but with the revolutionary change of massive use of social media (internet), it has turned into a two way approach which has enabled businesses to get their messages out to their targeted audience.

Advertisements and promotion campaigns are no longer “one-size-fits-all”. It is directed at a particular community, a social group, family or even individuals. It’s more about building relationships, trust, and customer satisfaction because customers are connected 24/7. Digital marketing is not e-commerce. The latter is the sale of goods and services through a digital medium. Digital marketing involves understanding customer preferences in much greater detail than was ever possible hither to.

Digital is on the run. So now digital marketing is on emerging trends to mobility. Its focus is on sophistication and simplicity that is to invest in quality mobile experience. This is the new approach to reach customers to capture the trend and market the product with new insights. Marketing is integrated with direct and digital marketing to help earn higher ROIs. With the rapid global evolution of digital media, marketers have even more ways than ever to differentiate. New insight, corporate marketing strategy, elevate brand worldwide are few of the keys to be recognizable in the market.

To make a difference in the digital era, here is the key element to start with:

Online presence
To build an online presence there has to be an innovative and appealing way because online doesn’t give you a second chance to make a good impression. As quality of what you are offering is judged by the look and feel presented. So a creatively crafted idea to reflect you will captivate your targeted audience well.

Content is king
You need to tell a compelling story that captures interest and attention of customers by clearly addressing their needs and wants. The contents acts like a sales team. It has to be creative enough to help the targeted customers to engage for the things they are looking for. Content marketing needs to offer something tangible. You should offer captivating stories attract an audience and must be able to clearly articulate the benefits of doing business with them.

One has to be visible on search engines like Google, yahoo, bing, ask, etc and social networks like Facebook, twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, Google+ etc. in order to attract visitors from them. Make full use of internet as it should be a lead generation tool for you.

Return on investment
Main motto of going online is to turn the visitors into customers. The whole essence of internet marketing is to make more sales. But sales are not made in an instant. Sales are made by following up on leads and getting them to know, like and trust you. This is why you need an effective follow-up system that is email marketing strategy, with it you can nurture the leads to know, like and trust through a series of sales letters delivered straight into their inbox.

Hence, everyone has realized that digital media offers as much escapism and relaxation as traditional media. The new trending focus is towards advertising over mobile, given the amount of time people now spend on mobile devices, the opportunity is massive. Online video is also a cost efficient way to extend reach and effectiveness beyond TV. It’s a new concept and is on the cards of every business online.

Last but not the least, it’s time to understand that reach, frequency and campaign-oriented approaches are over. As we move into this next digital era, the motto is to make content creation a core function of the business and the foundation from which all experiences, across the company, are created. Adopting these trends can help you to remain on the cutting edge of the digital media.

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